Friday, March 5, 2010

Background Information

American Dream Review Institute Inc. is an affiliate of a Los Angeles based company with operations in the Philippines that serves as a springboard for Asian Operations. It was conceptualized for the purpose of assisting nurses to pass the different U.S. immigration requirements. The Philippines is a haven for Medical Professionals. However, the dilemma is, only a handful passes the test required for migration to the U.S.

Thus, American Dream took the challenge and started embarking in the tedious process of creating a high quality training programs and modules, which understand the complexity of the Filipino psyche. These programs are designed to aid in the fulfillment of the U.S. immigration process. Teams of language experts, psychologists, and nurses were formed to formulate the state of the art review programs, methods of instruction, and training modules. Our Programs, having been put to the test, is now one of the Leaders in the training and review industry, manned by the U.S. trained staff. We are the only review institute in the world that incorporates psychological, academic, and cultural approaches in our training programs. Thus making American Dream Review Institute the best and sought after review center in the world. American Dream Review Institute prides itself to be synonymous to quality, efficiency and client centered service.

This is who we are; finding ways and paving the way to make our student’s dreams a reality

American Dream is committed to deliver innovative & quality products and services to individuals towards global competitiveness.


  1. Understand and fulfill the needs of our client.
  2. Seek continuously to enhance our products through a dynamic approach to research and development.
  3. Promote personal and professional growth both for the clients and staff.

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